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    About UsMore>>

        Shenzhen china-power Technology Co., Ltd. develops, produces and sells distribution cabinet series, PLC control software series, APP + palm intelligent software series, APP / E cloud cluster control electric box software series, cloud + loop cloud intelligent software series, union multi cabinet joint control software series, zero line current eliminator series, lighting lighting topology electric box software series, etc.
        The company has passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, obtained the national 3C certificate, CE certificate, ISO Certificate, etc., and its products have obtained 20 national patents.
       "china-power  military quality, Explore intelligent electronic control, help the business take off ", the company strives to make every product into a high-quality product, never covet the profit for a while.". china-power enables the power to have an idea, making the control of LED display distribution cabinet and large-scale lighting control at any time, anywhere and at will. Computer, mobile phone, central control (third party), pad, touch screen, web page and other arbitrary control.
        If you do not accumulate a small amount of water, you will not be able to make a river. Company down-to-earth, reputation first, service first, quality first, give users a little more support, a little more patience. To provide suitable and sufficient products for the market, which are really the products that users like and the products that they can rest assured
       Those who know are not as good as those who know, and those who are not as happy as those who are good. We also warmly welcome friends from the same industry to discuss and exchange with each other, and push the intelligent electronic control industry to a new height

    Copyright © Shenzhen china-power Technology,Co.,Ltd.

    5th floor, building C, Chuangfu Science Park, Beihuan Road, Shiyan street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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